"Paisley", "Tank" & "Wrigley"


Karie Hallowell

Dr. Abbie and her husband, Derek, were married in June of 2014.  Derek currently works as an assembler at Vactor.  They share their home with three cats, "Owen", "Opal", & "Cummins", as well as their two Boxer girls "Mavis", & "Myrtle".

Dr. Robert Harms

Countryside Animal Clinic is a full-service, small animal hospital. The veterinarians and staff at Countryside have been providing Streator and the surrounding communities with outstanding veterinary care for over 30 years.  Dr. Susan Schmitt first opened the clinic in 1985, as a single doctor.  Since then, Countryside has evolved to become a modern four doctor practice that continues to provide our patients with the latest advances in veterinary medicine.  All four of our veterinarians are Streator natives and proud graduates of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.


 The clinic's newest Mascot in 2015!

Ella & "Gracie"

Animal Care

Danielle Ethington

Hannah graduated from the International Business College Vet Tech institute in 2013 where she got her degree in animal science. She started working at Countryside Animal Clinic in 2017 and has been working in the animal field for over four years. Outside of work you can find her hanging out with her husband. They share their home with 3 dogs, two cats, and a lizard. 

Dr. Susan Michlik

Dr. Harms examining a 

Red-Tailed Hawk with an injured wing

Karie joined Countryside in September of 2010 as a receptionist in the front office.  Karie enjoys being the "Grandparent" of the clinic, she said, "I get to play with all of the animals, and then send them back home to their parents"!

Deana joined Countryside in 2009 as a receptionist in the front office.  Deana and her husband share their home with two Scottish Terriers, "Abe" and "Darby", and two house cats. 

Kellsie Chalkey

Dr. Michlik is a 1994 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.  After graduating, she moved back to her hometown of Streator to start her veterinary career at Countryside Animal Clinic.

Dr. Michlik shares her home with a Golden Retriever "Cherokee" and a housecat named "Charlotte".

Dr. Abbie Eiten

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About Our Clinic

Danielle and Dawn with "Emmy" & "Buddy"!

Dr. Harms is a 1989 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.  Upon graduating, Dr. Harms spent a year as a large animal veterinarian, then joined Countryside Animal Clinic in 1990.

Dr. Harms holds a federal and state license that allows him to medically and surgically treat sick or injured birds of prey, including hawks, owls, eagles, and falcons.


Animal  Care Assistants

Dawn Elias

Hannah Knox

"Mavis" & "Myrtle"



Our Animal Care Assistants are dedicated to keeping your pet comfortable during their stay at Countryside Animal Clinic.  They all take pride in making sure your pet's needs are met no matter what, treating each pet as if it was their own.  Some of their daily tasks include feeding, exercising, bathing, brushing, and making sure they have a clean and comfortable place to sleep.  All of our Animal Care Assistants are very conscious of each pet's condition during their stay and make a point to notify the doctors and technicians if anything unusual arises.

Michael & Hannah with "Waylon", "Buster", and "Duke".


Kellsie is a Certified Veterinary Assistant through Penn Foster College. She joined the staff at Countryside Animal Clinic in 2014. She has now worked in the animal field for 3 years. She resides in Streator along with her husband and daughter. She is the proud parent of 4 dogs, "Paisley" the pug, "Tank" the Chihuahua, "Gracie" a lab mix, & "Wrigley" a pug mix.

Danielle first joined Countryside in 2012 as a kennel assistant, but her passion for animals did not end there. She started working as a veterinary assistant in 2014 and couldn't be happier. In her free time she enjoys endless naps with her dog "Lexie" and two cats. 


Dr. Susan Schmitt


Dr. Schmitt is a 1982 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.  Before going to vet school, Dr. Schmitt attended Illinois Valley Community College.  She then attended Southern Illinois University where she received a bachelor's degree in animal science, followed by a masters degree in reproductive physiology.  After graduating, Dr. Schmitt practiced in Milwaukee for one year, then spent two years in University Park.  Then in 1985, she returned to her hometown of Streator and opened Countryside Animal Clinic.

Dr. Schmitt shares her home with two birds, a Blue and Gold Macaw "Bo", and a Yellow Naped Amazon "Pedro", three cats, "Elliott", Gertrude" and "Sally" and her newest addition, "Iris" the Bernese Mountain dog.

Danielle & Kimber

Dawn first started at Countryside Animal Clinic in 1997 as a Kennel Assistant, and now holds the title of our Kennel Supervisor.  Dawn works closely with Streator High School's work program, helping train students in the every-day tasks of being a Animal Care Assistant. 

Dawn shares her home with several rescue cats, a bunny and her three rescue dogs Taco, Chachi, and Pixie.

Deana Puckett

Dr. Abbie Eiten is a 2013 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. She completed her undergraduate work at Illinois Valley Community College and Illinois State University in Normal, IL.  Since Dr. Abbie was born and raised in Streator, and is also the niece of Dr. Schmitt, she has had the privilege of working in pretty much every area at Countryside since she was very young.